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How Much Compensation For Lung Disease

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Lung disease is quite often a deteriorating and chronic condition; how much compensation for lung disease depends on what the future prognosis is.

Before reading our guide on how much compensation for lung disease remember that the details encompass all conditions relating to the lungs apart from asthma which is detailed separately.

In addition, there are some instances where fees paid can be increased if there is evidence of a psychiatric illness relating to the lung disease. A person’s age will also be considered.

Compensation figures for lung disease

  • If breathing difficulties are present and you require the use of inhaler on a regular basis then your compensation will be approximately £22,350 going up to £39,150. An uncertain prognosis and an established detriment to social life will also be taken into account
  • If you have lung cancer and the pain and suffering seriously affects quality of life and the ability to function then £50,000 to £69,500 are the usual fees
  • The highest compensation settlements of £71,850 to £96,800 are received by younger people with severe disabilities and the likelihood the condition is going to worsen and result in an early death
  • Lung diseases such as pneumoconiosis, emphysema or Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disorder where there is a significant impairment of lung function and breathing will result in around £39,150 to £50,000 worth of compensation. Poor ability to sleep sufficiently, frequent coughing and the lack of ability to work will also be considered
  • If you have a lung problem classified as bronchitis or a related chest problem then compensation will range from £1,575 up to £3,825
  • If you are still able to work but have slight breathlessness and the chance of a good recovery within a few years, you might expect to receive £7,600 up to £14,850 in compensation
  • Minor symptoms relating to bronchitis and wheezing which have not impacted on your job or quality of life but may have meant some anxiety will mean you could receive £14,850 to £22,350 in your claim

Beginning your lung disease claim with Jefferies Solicitors

Lung diseases are serious conditions and can be distressing times for victims and their families. If you or a family member have suffered this type of illness through the fault of someone else and you are looking into how much compensation for lung disease then please contact our team at Jefferies as soon as possible.

You have 3 years from the date of the injury in which to make your claim. We operate on a no win no fee basis and will be happy to help you claim the compensation amount you deserve. Please call us on 0800 342 3206 or complete an online claim application form.

If you have cause to make a claim for compensation for industrial diseases then you can contact us as above to discuss.

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