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    How Much Compensation For Lung Disease

    Lung disease is quite often a deteriorating and chronic condition; how much compensation for lung disease depends on what the future prognosis is.

    Before reading our guide on how much compensation for lung disease, remember that the details encompass all conditions relating to the lungs apart from asthma which is detailed separately.

    In addition, there are some instances where fees paid can be increased if there is evidence of a psychiatric illness relating to lung disease. A person’s age will also be considered.

    Compensation figures for lung disease

    Level of lung disease

    Potential compensation

    A young person with severe disabilities and a lung condition that is likely to worsen and result in an early death £80,250 – £108,370
    Lung cancer and your pain and suffering seriously affect your quality of life and the ability to function £55,830 – £77,580
    Lung diseases such as pneumoconiosis, emphysema or Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disorder where there is a significant impairment of lung function and breathing £43,670 – £55,830
    Breathing difficulties requiring fairly frequent use of an inhaler, where there is an inability to tolerate a smoky environment and an uncertain prognosis £24,950 – £43,710
    Minor symptoms relating to bronchitis and wheezing which have not impacted your job or quality of life but may have caused some anxiety £16,580 – £24,950
    Slight breathlessness with no effect on your ability to work and a good chance of recovery £8,480 – £16,580
    A temporary aggravation of bronchitis or other chest problems resolving within a few months £1,760 – £4,240


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