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How Much Compensation For Shoulder Injuries

Shoulder injuries happen frequently following an accident. It is, therefore, common for injured parties to ask how much compensation for shoulder injuries if they have suffered as a result of someone else.

Shoulder injury compensation can be broken down into severe, serious, moderate and minor shoulder injuries when looking at compensation amounts. Below is a guide as to how much you can expect to receive from a shoulder injury.

Level of shoulder injury

Potential compensation

A severe shoulder injury which may result in disability. This level of shoulder injury may occur alongside a neck injury and includes serious brachial plexus injuries. £15,300 – £38,280
A serious shoulder injury characterised by a shoulder dislocation or aching and sensory problems in the forearm or hand. An injury resulting in loss of grip, strength and movement and possible permanent damage. £10,180 – £15,300
A frozen shoulder with symptoms lasting 2 years or more £6,290 – £10,180
Minor shoulder injury resulting in a complete or close to complete recovery within two years £3,470 – £6,290
Minor shoulder injury with recovery within a year £1,950 – £3,470

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