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How Much Compensation For Spleen Injuries

In order to estimate how much compensation for a spleen injury you must consider the degree to which you have suffered and the effect it has had on your life.

The spleen is an organ within the body which plays a key role in the effectiveness of the immune system. Damage to it can cause serious problems.

Spleen injuries can be caused due to clinical negligence or as a result of a trauma, e.g. a car accident. Common kinds of spleen injury include ruptured, bruised or spleen contusions.

Compensation Amounts For Spleen Injuries

Level of injury

Potential compensation

Loss of spleen where there is a continuing risk of internal infection and disorders due to the damage to the immune system £5,850 – £8,780
Loss of spleen where the above risks are not present or are minimal £3,470 – £6,890

How Is My Spleen Claim Calculated?

Your ability to carry out normal everyday tasks will be assessed when working out how much compensation for spleen injuries. If there have been any psychological effects of your injury then this will also be taken into account.

Perhaps your injured spleen has meant several trips to hospital appointments. If you have paid for the medical expenses you can claim back and your travel expenses will also be considered.

Financial losses can make up a large part of your compensation claim depending on how long you have been unable to work.

If you feel you have suffered a spleen injury that was not your fault then we recommend you speak to a personal injury lawyer.

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