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Whiplash Injury Claim Case Study

45-year-old *Mr. Arnold was involved in a car accident on 23rd May 2013. As he was waiting at a roundabout, the vehicle behind Mr. Arnold failed to stop and collided into the back of his car.

Injuries Suffered

Mr. Arnold suffered soft tissue injuries to his neck following the accident, he also experienced psychological anxiety.

* The name of the claimant has been changed for privacy purposes.

Treatment and Effects

Mr. Arnold was treated with 16 sessions of physiotherapy to address his car accident injuries. He was told by medical professionals that his neck symptoms would be resolved in approximately 15 months and that his anxiety would last up to 12 months.

Compensation Granted

Liability was admitted by the other party and an agreement in an Out of Court settlement was reached. Mr. Arnold was granted £4,250 in general damages; £1265.70 in credit hire charges and £900 in respect of the costs for physiotherapy. An additional £25 was approved for miscellaneous expenses.

Making A Whiplash Injury Claim

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