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Clinical Negligence Case Study – Julienne

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AGE 58
INJURY SUMMARY Our client suffered gastritis as a result of being prescribed anti-inflammatory medicine without proton pump inhibitors as recommended.
CASE RESOLUTION Case settled in November 2015 and £12,000 was awarded.
SOLICITOR David Woolmer

Our client was prescribed anti-inflammatory medication by her GP to relieve symptoms of arthritis in her spine and knee. Usually, proton pump inhibitors are also given to be taken alongside this kind of medication in order to counter any adverse side effects. However, in the case of our client, these were not prescribed.

Julienne consequently suffered from severe nausea. She returned to the GP practice and, following a consultation with a different GP, was referred for an endoscopy which revealed that she was suffering from gastric erosion. It later transpired that this was caused by the anti-inflammatories. As a result of the first doctor’s mistake, she is now unable to take the same painkillers to treat her arthritis, has to take long-term antibiotics and cannot eat or drink certain foods.

After Julienne contacted us at Jefferies, one of our clinical negligence solicitors David Woolmer looked into her case and obtained a report from a specialist doctor, who highlighted the mistake that had been made by her GP.

“Had Julienne been given the accompanying proton pump inhibitors as she should have been, she would not have become ill and would not be dealing with the long-term problems she now has. As a result of her GP’s carelessness, she has had to drastically alter her diet and must take medication to treat her condition.”

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