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Key facts

AGE 45
INJURY SUMMARY Micro-sclerotherapy treatment in March 2012 caused injury, pain and subsequent scarring.
CASE RESOLUTION Case settled in February 2016 and £7,000 was awarded to the claimant.
CLAIM HANDLERS Nadine Elkin and Karl Rushton

A woman from Cheshire has recently received £7,000 in compensation after working with our team of clinical negligence solicitors at Jefferies. The client suffered injury, pain and scarring after undergoing micro-schlerotherapy to remove thread veins.

Micro-schlerotherapy is usually performed on the legs, but in the case of our client, was carried out on the face. This resulted in burns and unsightly scarring that was still visible three years after the procedure. Before the treatment, the clinic responsible failed to obtain informed consent and to make our client aware of the potential risks associated with the procedure. In addition, inadequate aftercare was provided.

Nadine Elkin, the head of our team of clinical negligence solicitors at Jefferies, worked with Sharon to settle the claim and win the compensation she deserved:

“Following Sharon’s procedure, she revisited the cosmetic clinic on numerous occasions as she realised that the pain and burns she suffered were abnormal as part of the micro-schlerotherapy process. If she had not returned to the clinic, she would not have received aftercare of any kind and it was only after she complained of the effects of her surgery that she was asked to sign a consent form.

For years, Sharon had been embarrassed and self-conscious of the scarring on her face, so I’m delighted that we were able to achieve a successful outcome.”

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