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Cycling Accident Case Study - Catalina

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AGE 35 years old
INJURY SUMMARY The Claimant was involved in a road traffic accident when she was riding her bicycle and was hit from behind by a motor vehicle.
CASE RESOLUTION Case settled in October 2010 and the Claimant was awarded £100,000
SOLICITOR Kathryn Harland

Our client, Catalina was riding her bicycle along a main road, when she was hit from behind by a car travelling at speed. The collision caused her to be flung from her bicycle onto the roadside approximately 200 metres away. At the time of the accident, Catalina was wearing a fluorescent shirt, visibility was good and it was still bright. She was knocked unconscious and sustained permanent injuries.

A thorough medical examination revealed that Catalina sustained a slight fracture to the base of her skull, an inner ear injury, an injury to her coccyx, a fracture to the bone in her right foot, and serious nerve damage to her right lower limb. She also lost a large amount of skin from the back of her calf and underwent a skin graft from the right thigh. Catalina suffered a lash to her forehead, resulting in permanent scarring in addition to generalised cuts and bruises. In addition to her extensive physical injuries, she also suffered a great deal of psychological trauma.

Before the accident, Catalina lived a very active life. She was a very keen competitive cyclist and had competed in a number or races with the intention of being picked for the Beijing Olympics. She was very involved in ballroom dancing and running.

As a result of her cycling accident, Catalina was unable to work for several months and consequently, lost her job as a vet.

Catalina instructed Jefferies in August 2007 and serious injury solicitor Kathryn Harland handled her case on her behalf. Although the driver responsible for the accident initially said to police that he did not see our client because of the sun shining low in the sky, – liability was later admitted.

In October 2010, Jefferies Solicitors settled the case for £100,000. The settlement amount Catalina received compensated her not only for her pain and suffering but the loss of earnings she experienced as well as various medical and travel expenses. It also recovered the cost of her bike, helmet and clothing which were damaged in the accident.

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Published on 27th March 2017.

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