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    AGE 27
    INJURY SUMMARY Deep cut above left eye and scarring
    CASE RESOLUTION Case settled in June 2017 for £11,370
    SOLICITOR Conrad Turner

    Sean was leaving the gym on a cold evening in January when he slipped on black ice on the way to his car. He landed on his forehead and sustained a deep cut above his left eye.

    He called his friend who came to check that he was okay and then reported the accident to staff at the gym who recorded in the gym’s accident report book. Sean visited the A&E department at his local hospital where staff stitched the wound on his forehead under local anaesthetic.

    Initially, Sean had trouble sleeping and experienced bad headaches several times a week. He continued to feel the effects of his injury and suffered from headaches for several months later.

    While the cut on his forehead healed and the stitches were removed after 2 weeks, he was left with a scar. Sean felt very self-conscious about the scar, particularly when he met new people, and it still felt tender 10 months after the accident.

    Following the accident, he took two weeks off work from his job as a builder. Sean regularly went to the gym, but as a result of his injury, was unable to go for a month.

    How our personal injury solicitors helped

    Sean contacted the team at Jefferies a few weeks after his accident and Conrad Turner looked after his case. He wrote to the gym’s insurance company, informing them of the details of Sean’s accident and his intention to claim. After they admitted liability for the incident, Conrad arranged for Sean to be assessed by a medical expert in order to value his injuries.

    We settled Sean’s case in June 2017 for £11,730. This amount included compensation for his head injury and scar, along with his loss of earnings and other out of pocket expenses.