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AGE 14 at the time
INJURY SUMMARY Tooth extraction performed in 2008, under general anaesthetic caused her to sustain a significant and large burn to her bottom lip as a result of a faulty piece of equipment
CASE RESOLUTION Case settled in November 2014 and claimant awarded £6,500
SOLICITORS Karl Rushton and Nadine Elkin

A full-time student from North Wales who sustained a significant and large burn to her bottom lip as a result of faulty equipment used during a planned tooth extraction has received £6,500 in an out-of-court settlement.

Karl Rushton, a specialist lawyer at Jefferies Solicitors, said our client, who was 14 at the time, underwent the planned operation at the University Hospital of South Manchester to remove a tooth embedded in the roof of her mouth under general anaesthetic.

“During the operation, she sustained a significant and large burn to the bottom of her lip caused by a faulty piece of equipment called a diathermy.  For the first few weeks, her lip was very sore but healed over.  One year after the incident the Claimant was referred to plastic surgeons for tattooing of the lip. However, she was informed that the results would not be perfect and she, therefore, opted against this method of reconstruction,” added Karl.

“Despite being supplied with ointments and creams in the past to treat the scar, five years on she has been left with a pink circular scar on her lip.”

Karl said his client, who is turning 21 this year, delayed bringing the claim as she was a minor when the incident happened. Despite the compensation, Anonymous is still very self-conscious and often tries to hide her mouth with her hand when in public and has lost a lot of confidence after being bullied at school over the burn and later, the scar.

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