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AGE 64 years old
CLAIM SUMMARY The Claimant was riding her horse down a single lane country road when a milk lorry drove past at high speed. Frightened, the horse reared and flipped the client onto her back causing an injury to her left side. The driver admitted liability.
CASE RESOLUTION Case settled in April 2015 and claimant awarded £3,805

Cheryl was riding her horse with a friend along a single lane country road in Nantwich when a milk lorry drove past at high speed. Cheryl tried to warn the driver by waving and was also wearing a high visibility jacket, but he did not alter his speed.

The milk tanker was travelling in the opposite direction and went over a humpback bridge at speed, causing it to veer onto the other side of the road. The driver swerved to avoid hitting Cheryl and the horses.

Frightened, the horse reared up, knocking Cheryl on to the road, injuring her left side.

Claims Handler Jenny Fenton said: “The company that owned the milk lorry admitted liability after some investigation and Jefferies settled the case for £3,805.”

Cheryl has made a good recovery but still experiences back pain as a result of the accident and the horse is now very uneasy in traffic. Cheryl was happy with the outcome and compensation awarded to her.”

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