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Serious Accident at Work Case Study – Donald

Donald was left with a permanent disability after an accident with a machine in his job as a sheet metal worker. After he contacted us about making an accident at work claim, our experts worked hard to secure him more than £120,000 in compensation.



AGE 60 years old
INJURY SUMMARY The Claimant was involved in an accident at work while feeding a sheet of metal into a machine and his hand was crushed in a roller.

He was left in excruciating pain and has suffered a permanent disability as a result. Liability for the accident was conceded by the employer.

CASE RESOLUTION Case settled in May 2016 and claimant awarded £120,450
CLAIMS HANDLER Crystal Collins


While working as a sheet metal worker at an engineering firm, Donald was involved in an accident with a machine that crushed his hand and left him with permanent injuries.

He and his colleagues were using a rolling machine with no safety equipment and no emergency stop facility. Donald was at the rear of the machine while another colleague fed a sheet of metal, with another stopping and starting the machine.

It was too heavy to lift out so he offered his help to a colleague. The machine operator pushed the button but pushed it the wrong way, causing the rollers to advance the opposite way, pulling in Donald’s hand and crushing his fingers and hand. The operator then reversed the sheet so Donald’s hand was crushed twice.

From the initial medical report, the case was thought to be a small tissue injury, but as the case progressed, it turned out Donald had damaged the nerves in his hands and had suffered a permanent disability as a result.

Crystal Collins, our Claims Handler who looked after the claim said:

“The proper safety procedures were not in place when Donald was operating the machine, and this failure caused substantial injuries.

“The claimant was left in excruciating pain and suffered severe injuries to his hand, leaving him unable to hold anything or close his hand. He is still in ongoing pain and has to regularly visit the hospital. He was unable to work in engineering again, instead choosing to take up gardening on a self-employed basis. Donald has a positive outlook on life and has adapted his gardening tools to be able to work in gardening, which he enjoys.”

Liability was accepted by Donald’s employer, Goodland Engineering based in Tonbridge, Kent, which has now closed down.

Jefferies Solicitors settled the case for £120,450. Donald was very pleased with the outcome of the claim and admission of liability from the employer.

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