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After he sustained a soft tissue injury and concussion in a car accident, we helped Chris and secured him £17,500 in compensation.


AGE 53 years old
INJURY SUMMARY Soft tissue (whiplash) injury to the neck, concussion and delayed shock
CASE RESOLUTION Liability admitted in full and case settled in September 2016 for £17,500
SOLICITOR Karl Rushton

Our client Chris was involved in a road traffic accident after another driver failed to give way when emerging from a side road. The other driver hit Chris’ car on the passenger side causing his head to be jolted sideways. The side of his car was badly damaged and it was not possible to open the front passenger door.

Immediately after the accident, Chris felt shaken up but was unaware of any injury. In the days that followed, however, he developed pain and stiffness in his neck and began to feel dizzy. After visiting his GP, Chris was diagnosed with a whiplash (soft tissue) injury to his neck, concussion and delayed shock.

Chris had physiotherapy and took painkillers to help improve his symptoms, but these only helped temporarily. He continued to suffer from ongoing symptoms and over 4 years after the incident, he still experienced considerable neck pain.

This pain was particularly bad at night, which led to sleeping difficulties. Chris found it hard to hold his head in one position for any length of time, which had an impact on his day-to-day life. He found it uncomfortable to drive long distances and while he did not need to take time off work, he found that he was limited by his injuries when carrying out certain duties in his job as an engineering manager.

Before the accident, Chris was a keen DIYer and also enjoyed playing golf and cycling. As a result of his injuries, he was no longer able to participate in these activities.

Chris instructed Jefferies in May 2014 and Solicitor Karl Rushton handled his personal injury claim. Liability was fully admitted by the third party driver and, despite an early, less-than-generous compensation offer from their insurer of only £2150, in September 2016, Chris’ case settled for a much more reasonable amount of £17,500.

The compensation he received included general damages for his injuries as well as medical expenses (including physiotherapy costs) and the associated travel expenses. Chris was also able to claim for the cost of employing someone to carry out decorating, DIY and gardening in his home, which he would have undertaken himself had he not been injured.

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Published on 23rd May 2017.