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Sunbed Accident Case Study - Lindsay

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I found ‘Michael Jefferies’ very helpful with regards to the injury I sustained. My case handlers Edel Whalley and Kane Smith acted as well as I would expect and always kept me up-to-date with any changes during my claim. Thank you.

Thomas from Devon
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After Lindsay was injured while using a sunbed at her local beauty salon, we helped her claim more than £3000 in compensation for her injuries.


AGE 63 at time of accident
INJURY SUMMARY While using a UV sunbed, our client suffered neck pain and stiffness and headaches.
CASE RESOLUTION Case settled in February 2016 and £3,330 awarded
SOLICITOR Jenny Fenton

In June 2015, Lindsay was using a UV sunbed at a beauty salon in Cheshire when the sunbed’s Perspex cover fell onto her head. She immediately reported the incident to the receptionist at the salon and it was logged in the company’s accident book. Later that evening, a large lump appeared on the back of Lindsay’s head and her forehead started to hurt. A few days later, her neck began to hurt and she started to suffer from headaches.

To begin with, Lindsay didn’t think her injuries were too serious, but when, after more than a month, she was still experiencing headaches and neck pain, she visited her GP. She later decided to pursue a personal injury claim and contacted Jefferies Solicitors.

How we helped

We instructed a medical expert who said that Lindsay’s neck pain and stiffness was likely to persist for up to 10 months and suggested she attend 8 rehabilitation sessions with a chiropractor.

After we took on Lindsay’s claim, the salon responsible accepted liability for the accident. Jenny Fenton handled the claim on her behalf:

“The Perspex cover that fell on Lindsay had not been properly replaced after cleaning; if the staff at the salon had checked the condition of the sunbed before Lindsay used it, her accident could have been prevented. She suffered neck pain for almost a year afterwards and is now incredibly anxious about using sunbeds in the future. I’m pleased that we were able to hold the salon accountable and secure Lindsay compensation for her injuries.”

The case settled in February 2016 and Lindsay received £3,330 in compensation.

Have you been involved in a similar accident to Lindsay’s?

If you’ve become injured while visiting a beauty salon or hairdressers, you might be entitled to compensation. Contact the team at Jefferies Solicitors to assess your circumstances and find out if you’re eligible to claim. Call us on 0800 342 3206 or get in touch online.

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