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What Is A Driving Offence?

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The solicitors at Jefferies have many years of experience representing those facing motoring convictions and can help protect your driving licence. If you need specialist motoring defence solicitors, contact the experts today at Jefferies on 0800 342 3206. We can offer the expert legal advice you need to defend your driver’s licence.

If you have been accused of drink-driving, careless driving, are facing speeding summons or have been accused of causing death by dangerous driving, our motoring offence team can offer legal advice and assistance. For free initial advice, call 0800 342 3206.

What is a motoring offence?

A motoring offence can have a severe impact on your life as points placed on your licence may cause your insurance premiums to rise or could result in a ban. If you are a professional who relies on their car, this could potentially cause you to lose your job. If you have been accused of committing a motoring offence you may feel that your side of the story has not been taken into account. We will make sure you are heard and that all facts are considered.

If you have received a notice of intended prosecution or have been contacted by local authorities, it is vital that you contact a specialist. We can advise on the best course of action, can provide you with information on the likely outcome of your case and can represent you in court should you face a driving ban.

Specialist motoring offence solicitors

We can advise on all kinds of motoring offences, including the following:

On many occasions, authorities will enforce points, bans or fines, but these are not the only punishments that authorities may impose. Sometimes, police will use different forms of driver training such as speed awareness courses and driver improvement courses as an alternative to bans or fines, however, this is completely at their discretion. We can help negotiate for this option as an alternative to a ban or disqualification as this could be a far more positive alternative to points on your licence and can mean the difference between losing your licence and staying on the road.

We offer our services on a fixed fee basis and make sure that your side of the story is heard. Regardless of the severity of your motoring offence, we can offer advice and legal representation. Contact our specialist motoring solicitors on 0161 908 5175

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