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How Much Compensation For Shoulder Injuries

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Shoulder injuries happen a lot and it is therefore common for injured parties to ask how much compensation for shoulder injuries if they have suffered as a result of someone else.

Shoulder injury compensation can be broken down into severe, serious, moderate and minor shoulder injuries when looking at compensation amounts. Below is a guide as to how much you can expect to receive from a shoulder injury.

  • Severe shoulder injuries can result in disability on some occasions. These types of injuries are often connected to neck injuries. Compensation amounts begin at £13,700 and go up to £34,300. This includes serious brachial plexus injuries
  • If your shoulder injury is considered serious but not as advanced as the above then your compensation amount will be between £9,100 and £13,700. Symptoms in this category include a dislocation of the shoulder, aching and sensory problems in the forearm and hand. It may also be that grip, strength and movement have been lost and possibly permanent damage
  • £5,600 up to £9,100 is the range of compensation you are likely to receive if you have suffered a frozen shoulder and the symptoms have lasted for 2 years or more
  • Minor shoulder injuries are those which result in a complete recovery in most cases. If your recovery has been completed within two years you can expect to receive around £3,100 to £5,600. If all functions to do with your shoulder have returned within one year then £3,100 is likely to be the compensation fee you will receive

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