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Read all the latest legal industry news and keep up to date with everything happening at Jefferies Solicitors, the personal injury compensation claim specialists. From the latest changes to affect the legal sector to the great charity work we’re currently involved in, stay in touch via our media centre.


Essential Steps to Take After a Construction Site Accident 

Steps to Take Following a Construction Site Accident While most construction workers return from each shift without being involved in an accident, there is sadly always a possibility that an accident will occur. Injuries resulting from an accident on a construction site can range from minor brui...

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headway telephone support

Jefferies Supports Charity Headway Helpline

Jefferies Supports Charity Headway Helpline On 27th July 2020, Jefferies Solicitors funded the running costs of the Headway helpline for a day. The helpline is there for those dealing with the devastating effects of brain injury.We believe in giving something back to the local community and,...

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clinical negligence

The rising cost of clinical negligence claims ( as motor claims keep on dropping)

  The Law Gazette has released research that shows how the increase is due to an increase in injuries such as mesh implants.The main points from the report state that:Claimant legal costs for clinical cases rose by 12.5% in 2019/20, Claimant costs increased during y...

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accident at work

Claiming For An Accident At Work FAQ’s

Claiming For An Accident At Work FAQ's Here's 7 FAQ's that we've put together to help you when considering claiming for an accident at work.  1. HOW MUCH COMPENSATION WILL I GET WHEN CLAIMING FOR AN ACCIDENT AT WORK? When claiming for an accident at work compensation is awarded by ass...

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construction workers

3 things You Should Do After an Accident at Work

  3 things You Should Do After an Accident at Work If you have suffered an accident at work, there are 3 steps that you can take to help safeguard evidence which can later be used if you wish to pursue further action, such as making a personal injury claim.The most important step to ...

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The 4 Steps to Take After a Factory Accident

4 Steps You Should Take After an Accident in a Factory Suffering an accident in the workplace can often be traumatic and making a claim can often seem even scarier. After an accident, making a claim likely isn’t the first thing on your mind. However, if you would like to make a personal injury c...

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Daniel’s 127 Mile Charity Cycle Challenge

Daniel from Jefferies Solicitors completed an epic cycle ride on Friday the 10th of July. He cycled 127 miles in one day and raised a massive £390 for The Children’s Adventure Farm Trust.Congratulations Daniel that's fantastic!On Friday 10th July (weather permitting), Daniel ...

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The Warehouse Claim Guides You Can’t Afford To Miss

If you work in a warehouse either as an employee or employer you need to do all that you can to ensure that your warehouse is a safe place to work for you and those around you. Of course, even with the highest levels of training and equipment accidents can happen. Slips, trips and falls, objects ...

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Charity Advises on The Importance of Children Wearing a Helmet

Charity Advises on The Importance of Children Wearing a Helmet With an increase in the number of children experiencing cycling accidents, charity ROSPA has provided advice on how to maximise a child's safety when using a bike. The advice comes with a helpful video and printable checklist.At ...

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You’ve been knocked off your bike by a car

In 2018, 17,550 cyclists were injured in reported road accidents, including 4,205 who were killed or seriously injured. Many of these cyclists will have been knocked off their bike by another road user.Some of the most common cycling accidents caused by a third party include those that occur ...

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man reading

Letter of Engagement (what’s that then?)

What is a letter of engagement? It's a legal term that's often used in personal injury claims and is sometimes left unexplained. So what exactly is it?A letter of engagement acts as written confirmation that there is an agreement about the services that a firm is going to provide for their c...

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warehouse worker

4 Things you Should Know about Warehouse Accidents

Four Things you Should Know about Warehouse Accidents If you work in a warehouse you may think that you know how to keep yourself safe. However, most accidents are caused by not knowing the proper practices or being misinformed. Jefferies are here to bust four myths about warehouse accidents to ...

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Can I Transfer A Personal Injury Claim? 

Can I transfer a personal injury claim?  Do you feel unhappy with the legal service you have received from another solicitor or law firm? At Jefferies Solicitors, we understand that there may be many reasons for wishing to transfer an existing claim. Our experts can offer free advice on transfer...

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Best practices for using the roads (to keep you and those around you safe) 

Best practices for using the roads (to keep you and those around you safe). Whether you are a pedestrian, a driver or cyclist it is important to be aware of road safety regulations to keep safe. While most people are taught about road safety at school, this can often be forgotten as we get older...

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Rebecca Shippam awarded Certificate of Competency

Rebecca Shippam is a litigation executive at  Michael Jefferies and has over a decade of experience in personal injury law. After 18 months of studying in her own time, including lectures and 8 exams, she was recently awarded the Certificate of Competency in Prison Law, which brings with it m...

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jogging person

Jogging and Walking Safety Tips

Staying Safe on the Pavement With recent reports claiming that walking has been the most popular new activity with three in ten (30%) introducing this into their lockdown regimes, followed in popularity by jogging,-staying safe on the pavement whilst walking or jogging is more important and rele...

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Staying Safe – Assault During lockdown

Staying Safe - from Assault During Lockdown  With empty shops and office buildings and quieter streets, the current pandemic has led to an increase in opportunist crime such as burglary and mugging.  Such as the reported increase in car break-ins. Staying safe in the current climate means keepin...

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6 Misconceptions about Accidents

Misconceptions about Accidents Have you been in an accident or would you like to know more about exactly how common accidents occur? Then this blog will take you through two common misconceptions about two specific types of accidents – accidents at work and car accidents – to highlight misconcep...

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tired man

Quick labour supply leads to negligence

Temporary Workers Personal injury claims-As A Result of Lack of Training When lockdown came into force, many industries ground to a halt and those that could have adjusted to the new normal of remote working. Then there have been the well-documented businesses who have had to carry on supporting...

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How Does Your Warehouse Stack Up?

How does your warehouse stack up? A Short Guide To Warehouse safety Whether you’re a warehouse owner and operator or an employee it’s important to keep on top of health and safety regulations regarding your place of work to make sure that everyone stays safe. So, Jefferies Solicitors have writte...

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