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Transfer an Injury Claim

Following an accident, it’s essential that you work with a team of hard-working lawyers with the relevant expertise and your best interests at heart. If you feel that your legal team is not working as hard as it could, it can make your situation a lot worse.

If you have encountered any of the below, it may be time to consider moving to another firm of personal injury solicitors.

  • A lack of contact, whether in the form of phone calls, emails or letters.
  • Confusing legal terminology that is not properly explained.
  • A lack of interest or care regarding your case.
  • Long delays in progressing your case without explanation.
  • Dissatisfaction with the amount of compensation your solicitors has suggested you will receive.
  • A lack of consistency in your case, i.e. if it has been handled by several different people.

How can Jefferies help?

If you are in the process of making a claim with another legal team but are unhappy with their services, Jefferies Solicitors are able to take over your case.

At Jefferies, our team is caring, understanding and efficient. Although delays can sometimes be unavoidable, we understand that you want all stages of your case to be dealt with as promptly as possible and will do everything in our power to ensure this happens.

We will regularly keep you up-to-date with the progress of your case and your point of contact will be consistent throughout.

Jefferies Solicitors operate a no win, no fee policy. This means that you will not need to pay anything even if your case is unsuccessful. We will take care of any outstanding fees owed to your previous legal representation.

With over 20 years’ experience in helping people to claim compensation for their injuries and a full team of solicitors and support staff, you can be assured that we have the right legal team to support you with your case.

However, there are limits to what we can do while the case is with another law firm. If you wish to transfer your case to Jefferies, we would recommend you contact us for an informal and confidential discussion.

How to transfer your claim

During the initial consultation, we will assess your current circumstances and determine how much, if any, progress has been made so far.

We will liaise with your current personal injury lawyers to acquire the documents relating to your case. On receipt of these files, we will examine your claim further and will then be in a position to officially take it over.

If you would like to discuss this further contact us online or call us on 0800 342 3206.