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    Cosmetic Surgery Compensation Claims

    Cosmetic surgery has witnessed a surge in popularity in recent years but unfortunately, alongside its appeal, there are cases where surgery has gone wrong for some. Those instances can bring about physical trauma and emotional stress. If the accident or mistake was as a result of negligence it is possible to pursue compensation for your injury.

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    Types of cosmetic surgery procedures

    There are certain types of procedures that more commonly result in cosmetic surgery compensation claims, including:

    Most operations go as planned and most surgeons practice with integrity. However, there are risks involved in all surgical procedures. If those risks have not been explained to you beforehand or general standards of care have been neglected, and you have suffered as a result, you have a strong case for compensation.

    Common mistakes made in cosmetic surgery

    If you are not certain whether you have a valid claim, below are some of the frequent outcomes of poor cosmetic surgery that have resulted in compensation.

    • Scarring – there is always a risk of scarring in any operation. However, some scarring is extensive, unnecessary and can affect your life adversely in several ways. Also, scarring can cause psychological damage.
    • Nerve damage following a facelift operation.
    • Performing operations on the abdomen, such as tummy tuck procedures, can leave patients with a perforated bowel which can have a devastating effect on their quality of life.

    Who Can You Make Your Claim Against?

    At the moment, the practice of cosmetic surgery is largely unregulated. Despite most surgeons being highly skilled in carrying out operations, there are some whose standards are considerably below what is acceptable.

    If you are unhappy with the treatment you received, your claim will be against the establishment responsible for your procedure. Usually, cosmetic surgery compensation claims are made against the NHS or a private clinic. In some cases, you could claim against the individual surgeon who carried out the operation.

    Make your plastic surgery claim with Jefferies

    Poor quality of treatment in cosmetic surgery is a form of medical negligence. Often, pursuing these claims can be a long process. Jefferies Solicitors has a wealth of experience in dealing with cases of this nature and we fully understand the complexities involved. We need to gather the evidence for your case as soon as possible, to ensure the process is as seamless as possible.

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