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    Dental Negligence Compensation Claims

    A visit to the dentist is not usually something most of us enjoy. However, this can be compounded if you have suffered a dental injury through no fault of your own. If you have experienced negligent treatment by a dentist, you may be entitled to make a claim.

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    Dental Negligence Compensation

    Dental negligence can occur as a result of a lack of knowledge and expertise by the dentist or problems with inadequate or faulty equipment. In all areas of medical treatment, there is an element of risk, but the majority of dentists operate with good conduct. However, dental injuries do happen. If you have been unlucky enough to suffer while at the dentist, you may be able to claim compensation.

    Types of Dental Negligence Claims

    In any area of dentistry, mistakes can occur. Whether your dentist works for a private clinic or is part of the NHS, they have a duty of care to their patients. You still have the same rights to claim if your dentist has been negligent.

    There are several scenarios where dental negligence takes place. The list below is not exhaustive but contains the most common situations.

    • Misdiagnosis occurs when dentists do not detect a problem with the teeth during an examination and the problem worsens.
    • Incorrect diagnosis – the dentist does not carry out the correct work needed for the problem due to misdiagnosis.
    • Poor treatment on an ongoing or one-off basis where a personal injury has resulted.
    • Carelessness of the dentist while carrying out treatment and causing an injury, like removing the wrong tooth, for example.
    • Swallowing dental apparatus – occasionally this has happened to patients during routine or in-depth treatments and examinations.
    • Incorrect drug dosage can be administered or an allergic reaction can occur in the patient resulting in injury
    • Dental nerve damage following negligent treatment


    Have you suffered dental negligence?

    It is not always obvious if you have suffered a dental injury; if you are uncertain, it might be worth asking yourself if you are still experiencing pain or have had any allergic reactions a week after your visit.

    What rights do you have as a patient?

    • Your dentist must allow you to make an educated decision about what, if any, treatment to choose. They must, therefore, present you with your treatment options before any work begins.
    • You must give your dental practice written permission to carry out any treatment
    • Emergency treatment must be offered by your dentist within 24 hours of the request (this applies to both private and public sector dentists).
    • Your dentist must present alternative treatments to you before treatment begins
    • If you ask for more information, your dentist must explain your dental records to you
    • The correct standards of training must be achieved by the dentist for them to practice legitimately.

    If you feel your claim is viable, you will need to obtain evidence that the same treatment could have been carried out by an alternative competent member of the dental profession.

    Making A Dental Negligence Claim For Compensation

    At Jefferies, we have a specialist team of dental negligence solicitors who are experienced in dealing with all types of dental negligence compensation cases. To begin with, we will need to take some initial details regarding your injuries and circumstances.

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