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Personal Injury Payout Guide

Personal injury payout guide Jefferies Solicitors personal injury compensation guide Injuries can occur due to the actions, or inactions, of another person. If you have been injured in an incident that wasn't your fault and you have suffered an injury, you may be able to make a claim for compen...

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airport luggage belt

Airport Baggage Handler Chaos

Airport Baggage Handler Chaos It's been widely reported in the press that many airports are struggling to meet passenger capacity. Chaotic scenes in airports of long and winding queues, stories of flight cancellations, delays and stories of lost luggage plus more. A combination of Covid-19 an...

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Ambulance Waiting Times

Ambulance Waiting Times Ambulance services across the country are facing unprecedented demand as Covid restrictions have lifted, leaving A&E departments at full capacity. With staff shortages due to Covid, handover delays of patients are having a real impact on service levels of patient ...

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Childbirth Isn’t Safe Says Report 

Childbirth isn’t safe, says report    The recent review of the Shrewsbury and Telford NHS Trust in which 201 babies died following a series of catastrophic failures has led the report's author to identify 15 areas for immediate action in all NHS England trusts. Senior midwife Donna Ockenden r...

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Head Injuries in Sport

Head Injuries in Sport Head injuries in sports are a problem. Whilst there are now some rules in place to better support players, contact sports, particularly football and rugby often witness players suffering blows to the head from heading a football, to head-on collisions with other players. T...

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A trolley in a supermarket.

Supermarket Accidents on the Rise

Supermarket Accidents on the Rise Supermarkets have continued to grow with almost 9 out of 10 people (89%) regularly buying their groceries from supermarkets. An analysis conducted by finder.com reports that 'the market value of supermarkets reached its peak in 2020, at £205 billion. That means ...

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group mature women walking along

Lives Lost In Failure To Spot Ovarian Cancer

Lives Lost In Failure To Spot Ovarian Cancer New research shows that many cases of ovarian cancer are being misdiagnosed by women and GPs causing many cases to be identified too late to treat. The result is that many women are dying unnecessarily. The ovarian cancer charity Target Ovarian Cancer...

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e-scooter legislation changes

Solicitor Calls For E-scooter Legislation Change

Solicitor Calls For E-scooter Legislation Change   With the increase in publicly-owned E-scooters being dotted around some of the UK's most populated cities, there has consequently been a rise in accident cases relating to them. There were 882 accidents involving e-scooters on the roads of Brita...

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changes being made to the highway code

Changes Being Made To The Highway Code

Changes Being Made To The Highway Code As shown in our last post, cyclists are amongst, if not the most vulnerable people on the road. Facts to back this up include 23,529 recorded serious cycling-related injuries on the road in 2020 alone. To combat this, there has been a revision on the highwa...

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cycling safety

Bike and helmet safety this winter

Bike and helmet safety this winter Whilst we enter a new year, this does not mean that the weather will be changing anytime soon. This is why it is increasingly important to remain safe and cautious whilst cycling during these continuing winter months.   Our Top Tips For Staying Safe By la...

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A woman holding her face after a beauty treatment

Beauty Bites-Beauty Industry Regulation Concerns

Beauty Bites-Beauty Industry Regulation Concerns   A Lack of Regulation in the Beauty Industry Beauty Treatment Injury Claims The Hair & Beauty industry is worth £6.6 billion to the UK economy. However, there is a lack of regulation in the UK beauty industry, which is deeply worrying and ...

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Luke cryer cycling on a pump track

Jefferies Supports GB Mountain Bikers Helmet Advice

Jefferies supports GB mountain bikers helmet advice GB mountain biker and medalist Luke Cryer is raising awareness of the importance of helmets in cycling. Luke suffered a traumatic brain injury in 2020 following a cycling accident on a pump track in Scotland, where he crashed and hit his head. ...

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cyclists on their bike in the dark

Bike Safety: Light-Up This Winter

Bike Safety: Light-Up This Winter Whether cycling for transport or for pleasure cyclists should do what they can to help make sure they are safe on the roads. In the winter, with daylight being scarce, bike riders should take extra precautions to increase their safety on the roads. This includes...

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a newborn baby's feet

NHS Maternity Ward Staff Shortage Fears

Shortage of staff on NHS maternity wards A recent survey has found that there is an acute shortage of staff on NHS maternity wards. The findings of the survey, have sparked some news sources to highlight that there are fears that the staff shortages may contribute to a rise in potential birth de...

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a woman working on her computer

Customer Feedback Highlights 2021

Customer Feedback Highlights 2021 It's been another year of success in delighting our clients with the service we provide. Customer feedback is of great importance to us as we truly value the opinion of those we have worked with and we want to ensure that we are providing the best possible ...

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a driver holding a dash cam

Can I Use Dash Cam Footage As Evidence?

Can I Use Dash Cam Footage As Evidence? If you’ve been involved in a road traffic accident that wasn’t your fault, how can you prove it?  A dash camera is a small device that records live footage, that can be purchased for between £20 and some models can be over £300. Many people use dash ca...

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a family in halloween costumes

Staying Safe On Halloween Night

Staying Safe On Halloween Night The spookiest night of the year is a mere few days away, filled with frights, celebration and most importantly, sweets! Whether you've been planning your costume for months or you're scrambling around to make a costume 48 hours before the big day, Halloween can be...

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a woman working on her computer

Can I Claim Compensation For A Fall?

Can I Claim Compensation For A Fall? If you want to claim compensation after a fall there may be some questions you have before deciding whether you should contact a personal injury solicitor. 1. Why do people have falls?  Falling in a public place can happen to anyone, at any age and at any t...

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two women smiling sat on a sofa, one has broken her leg


  More Than Just Legal Advice Your Support  Our Service   Being the victim of a personal injury can be incredibly distressing. Jefferies Solicitors can provide you with a range of support that you may need to help you concentrate on your recovery, beyond just claiming compensation. We can put...

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a happy family moving boxes into a house

Lifting and Moving Furniture Injury Claims

Home removal injuries Lifting and Moving Furniture Injury Claims Being injured at work from lifting and moving furniture can happen to a variety of individuals, from those working in offices to delivery drivers and shop workers. If you have suffered an injury at work whilst lifting and moving f...

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