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home move

Lifting and Moving Furniture Injury Claims

Home removal injuries Lifting and Moving Furniture Injury Claims Being injured at work from lifting and moving furniture can happen to a variety of individuals, from those working in offices to delivery drivers and shop workers. If you have suffered an injury at work whilst lifting and moving f...

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5 Woodland Plants You Should Be Wary Of

5 Woodland Plants You Should Be Wary Of When out for a walk in woodland areas, the last thing you expect to encounter is something that can be harmful to you. Especially when it's just a plant. Most people believe that the thing they should be most wary of is something like a nettle that will gi...

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Lip dissolving

When Lip Dissolving Treatment Goes Wrong

When Lip Dissolving Treatment Goes Wrong Lip Filler Procedure In a recent survey of 47,000 people, 68% said that they or a friend had undergone a lip filler procedure. 59% stated that they viewed lip enhancement as comparable to receiving a haircut or a manicure. These statistics show just how ...

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hand santisier

Warning Issued Following Rise in Hand Sanitiser Accidents

Warning Issued Following Rise In Hand Sanitiser Accidents At the entrance to most public places, it is now commonplace to see a hand sanitising station. Government advice to public places such as stores, is to encourage ‘customers to use hand sanitiser or handwashing facilities as they enter the...

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How Much Compensation for a Misdiagnosis?

How Much Compensation for a Misdiagnosis? There are multiple different health issues that can lead to claims for compensation due to Misdiagnosis.   Broken bones and cancer tend to be the most common issues that are misdiagnoses. Although, it is not limited to these two as there are so man...

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staycation concept

Summer Staycation Safety Tips

How To Stay Safe This Summer and Avoid An Accident   Most of us are unlikely to travel abroad this summer, due to the ongoing situation with the pandemic. But, if you're forced to have your holiday in the UK, there is still fun and adventure to be had. There are plenty of beaches, lod...

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Lessons to be learnt after Euro 2020 Head Injuries

Euro 2020 Head Injuries Head Injuries in Sport  Like it or loath it, TV schedules are currently packed with Euro 2020 matches, commentary, and advertising.  Whilst Euro 2020 is under the spotlight the short and long-term health of players is also under scrutiny following the recent head injurie...

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e-scooter concept

Electric Scooter Trials

E-Scooter Trial Hire Schemes London Gets a Trial Since July 2020, more than 40 UK towns and cities across the country have been allowed to launch trial hire schemes including in Manchester and Birmingham. Now it's London's turn. Three operators – Dott, Lime and Tier – will each provide betwe...

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insurance claim

Making An Insurance Claim

Settling An Insurance Claim If you are making an insurance claim, you may wonder how long it takes to settle an insurance claim in a personal injury case. There are lots of different factors and areas of the legal process that differ in length. However, there are estimations of time that can b...

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Alcohol - drunk accident.

Can I Claim If I Was Drunk?  

Claiming For An Accident While Drunk Accidents can happen in lots of different scenarios and to people in lots of different states. For example, you could potentially be injured when coming home from a bar or a nightclub. If you were involved in an accident that occurred while you were drunk, th...

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patient being treated

Getting the Treatment You Need After a Brain Injury

Getting The Treatment You Need There are different types of rehabilitation that you can invest in after you have suffered a brain injury. Including:    Neuropsychology Physiotherapy Occupational Therapy  Neuropsychiatry   Residential assistance – either having in-house care ...

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Picture of a payslip

Using Payslips As Evidence Of A Loss Of Earnings 

Can I Use My Payslips To Claim Compensation?   There are lots of different factors that go into determining the amount of compensation that you can claim. The loss of earnings associated with your case is a very important part of determining the amount of compensation that you will be awarded. P...

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split liability

Learn About Split Liability 

What Is Split Liability?  Split liability is the term that is used to describe a legal case in which both the defendant and the claimant are considered to be somewhat responsible for the incident in question. The amount to which both side are considered to be responsible will depend upon the spe...

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Vicarious Liability

What Is Vicarious Liability? 

Vicarious Liability And Personal Injury  If you want to make a personal injury claim, you may need to know about vicarious liability. Vicarious liability simply refers to a legal scenario where someone/an organisation is held responsible for the actions of another person. In personal injury case...

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man in factory.

Claiming Under The Workers’ Compensation Act 1979 

Claiming For An Industrial Illness  The Workers Compensation Act 1979 helps those who have been afflicted by an industrial disease due to conditions in their workplace. It allows for a lump sum to be paid by the government to those who have been impacted by poor conditions in the workplace. T...

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How Long Does It Take For An Insurance Company To Settle?

Settling Against An Insurance Company Find out how long it takes to settle a claim against an insurance company. If you are thinking of making a compensation claim, you may be wondering how long it could take for an insurer to settle. While the efficiency and effectiveness of your personal injur...

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Cleaner dermatitis cleaning products.

Cleaners At Risk Of Suffering From Dermatitis 

Cleaner Dermatitis Claims  If you work as a cleaner, you could develop dermatitis. The products that professional cleaners use, as well as the environments that they work in, can sometimes cause the development of skin problems like dermatitis. Dermatitis is quite a common condition among profes...

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Men on a building site.

Learn All About Manual Handling Dangers And Safety

Injuries caused by manual handling Manual handling is an umbrella term that refers to actions that involve lifting, carrying, lowering, pushing, or pulling items. Manual handling is often associated with certain specific professions and workplaces, such as a building site, a warehouse, or a fact...

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Shelves in a warehouse.

3 Ways to Prevent Shelving Accidents

3 Ways to Prevent Shelving Accidents Shelving accidents are one of the most common accident types to occur in warehouses and industrial workplaces. If you work in a warehouse or factory you need to be aware of how and why shelving injuries occur so that you can decrease your chances of being inj...

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Wrist that is strained from RSI.

Development Of RSI Due Working At Home 

Ergonomic Conditions And RSI  Repetitive strain injury (RSI) is a general term that is used to describe muscle pain or pain in the nerves and tendons of certain parts of the body. This sort of injury occurs due to repetitive movements and overuse of that part of the body where the injury has occ...

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