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I was a passenger in a car involved in a road traffic accident and suffered serious injuries to my right shoulder, my elbow and scarring to my forehead. I was unable to work for a long time. Jefferies Solicitors Ltd dealt with my case from the outset. I never expected that I would receive £21,191.00 of compensation for my injuries and other losses I had as a result of the accident. I am delighted with the outcome of my claim and would definitely recommend Jefferies Solicitors Ltd to anyone who wants to make an accident claim

Natasha from Manchester
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Although most medical professionals operate with integrity and a high level of aptitude, mistakes and errors do occur in the field of medicine.

Wrong diagnosis claims arise when an individual is incorrectly diagnosed or when a patient’s condition is ignored.

They are a form of clinical or medical negligence. It may sound relatively harmless to give a wrong diagnosis but the effects can be very harmful, sometimes fatal.

Types of wrong diagnoses

Certain wrong diagnosis claims are more prevalent than others. Diagnosing infections is a common kind of misdiagnosis as there are often ambiguous symptoms.

Sometimes the symptoms exhibited can be misleading. For instance, the deceptive symptoms of aortic dissection can result in a wrong diagnosis as the illness omits symptoms similar to heartburn.

Diagnosing tumours can be problematic as symptoms can often be hidden. MRI or CT scans are needed to give a firm diagnosis of either a malignant or benign tumour. In addition, X-rays, biopsy and blood sample results can sometimes be read or interpreted incorrectly for various different illnesses and injuries.

Diagnosing a condition in an emergency situation has critical time limits associated with it and can result in an incorrect diagnosis. Alternatively, treatment may be delayed perhaps because of administrative procedures.

Serious long-term illnesses like cancers can be misdiagnosed with the most common ones being skin cancer, breast cancer and colon cancer.

Undiagnosed fractures and removal of perfectly healthy body parts and/or organs are other cases which, although isolated, do happen.

Effects of a misdiagnosis

Wrong diagnosis claims often arise when patients have experienced the complications and worry of a serious injury or illness. You may have already paid for medical expenses such as private treatment or medical aides. Compensation for your medical negligence seeks to reimburse you for these costs.

Both privately run clinics and NHS medical establishments have a duty of care to patients. If this is not adhered to, you may be entitled to compensation.

Claiming Compensation

Jefferies Solicitors has a specialist medical negligence claims team on hand to advise you if you are considering making a personal injury claim. Please call our experts on 0800 342 3206 or get in touch online using the form above.

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