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HowHow Much Compensation For A Knee Injury

Our solicitors are regularly asked: “How much compensation for a knee injury?” Injuries to the knee can happen in a diversity of circumstances including accidents at sporting events, on the road and even at work.

Compensation amounts for knee injuries

Level of injury

Potential compensation

Serious knee injury where there has been disruption of the joint, the development of osteoarthritis, ligamentous damage and considerable pain and loss of function. £55,590 – £76,690
Leg fracture extending into the knee joint causing constant pain and limiting movement or impairing agility and rendering the injured person prone to osteoarthritis and at risk of arthroplasty £41,550 – £55,590
Knee injury with continuing symptoms such as pain and discomfort and limitation of movement or instability or deformity. £20,880 – £34,660
Moderate knee injury involving dislocation, torn cartilage or meniscus which results in minor instability, wasting, weakness or other mild future disability. Up to £20,880

If you have suffered a knee injury you could have any number of side effects. You could have damaged the cartilage in your knee, broken your kneecap or torn ligaments or tendons within the knee. The type of injury will determine how severe your condition and will an effect on the amount you could receive.

What can I claim for if I have a knee injury?

In addition to claiming for your knee injury, you will also be able to claim back any expenditures you have paid out. These might include travel expenses to medical appointments, medical aids like crutches or private health care. If you have been unable to work because of your injury loss of earnings will also be considered.

However, the main part of your compensation will depend on your pain, suffering and the severity of your injury.

Jefferies Solicitors can help you with your knee injury claim

Jefferies Solicitors deal with clients who have suffered knee injuries regularly. We understand how different they can be and the varying impacts the injury can have on lives. How much compensation for a knee injury is a question we will be able to help you with. Call us today on 0800 342 3206 to find out.

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