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What is RIDDOR?

RIDDOR stands for the Reporting of Injuries Diseases and Dangerous Occurrences Regulations 1995.

If you are an employee it is worthwhile knowing that your employer is legally obliged to provide a system of recording accidents in the workplace. All employers should know about RIDDOR.

Accidents at work happen every day and it is, therefore, important that the HSE (Health and Safety Executive) has regulations in place to make sure all incidents are recorded.

The type of accident recording will vary depending on the sector you are in. Catering, hospitality, the care profession and the manufacturing industry all have different requirements when it comes to recording health and safety incidents.

If your workplace employs more than 10 people then there must be an accident book available to record incidents. Owners of quarries, factories and mines must also have an accident book available.

The injuries which should be recorded are:

  • Near miss accidents
  • 7-day injuries (which means the person who has suffered an injury cannot carry on with full-time duties for 7 days
  • Diseases e.g. asbestosis

What your employer must do

If you have had an accident at work then your employer should provide the means to record such information. In the case of compensation, this information can be called upon and used as evidence if required.

An accident book can take many different forms including a written record, a computer database, or a file. The information required is the date and time of the incident, the date of the recording, name of the individual who had the accident and a description of the accident. All of the above must all be reported within 10 days.

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Have You Had An Accident At Work?

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