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Injury in a Public Place Case Study – Debra

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Key facts

AGE 56
INJURY SUMMARY After slipping on ice, our client sustained a tear in her hamstring, a bump to the head and bruising on her shoulder.
CASE RESOLUTION Case settled in October 2016 and £3,000 was awarded to the client.
SOLICITOR Karl Rushton

In December 2012, Debra was taking her granddaughter to school when she slipped and fell on the school playground. On the morning of the accident, it was extremely cold and icy. However because the school caretaker was absent, the playground had not been gritted as it should have been.

As Debra walked across the main playground, she suddenly, without warning, slipped on black ice and fell backwards onto the floor, landing on her side and hitting her head. After visiting her GP, it was found that she sustained a tear in her hamstring, a bump to the head, general stiffness and bruising on her shoulder.

Lady who has slipped on ice

Debra approached Jefferies Solicitors and we pursued a public liability claim against the council that ran the school on her behalf. Initially, liability was denied by the council as they asserted that the surface had been gritted by the headteacher of the primary school.

However, in October 2016, following a thorough investigation by the team at Jefferies, which included the collection of witness statements from parents who were at the school on the day of the incident, the council settled Debra’s claim and she received £3,000 in compensation.

Solicitor Karl Rushton dealt with Debra’s case:

“While it may be true that parts of the school grounds were gritted, in the absence of the school’s caretaker, this was not done sufficiently and parents and children were not warned about the danger posed by the icy conditions. Our client, along with a young pupil, suffered an injury because of the negligence of the school that day. I’m glad that ultimately we were able to hold the people responsible for Debra’s injuries to account.”

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