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Christmas Work Party Accident Case Study – Kirsty

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Key facts

AGE 32 at time of accident
INJURY SUMMARY Broken right ankle and pulled ligaments
CASE RESOLUTION Case settled in October 2016 and £12,500 was awarded
SOLICITOR Jenny Fenton

In December 2014, our client Kirsty was at her work Christmas party at a hotel in Manchester city centre. While on the dance floor with friends, she slipped on some liquid, fell and hurt her ankle. At the time, there were no wet floor signs displayed to alert guests to the spillage.

After reporting the accident in the hotel’s accident book, Kirsty was taken to hospital in a taxi where an x-ray confirmed that she had badly broken, and pulled ligaments in, her right ankle.

Her injury meant that Kirsty had to wear a below-knee plaster cast for six weeks. After this was removed, she wore an air cast boot for two weeks, before being referred for ankle rehabilitation physiotherapy.

Kirsty’s injuries meant that she could not fully participate in activities with her family over the festive period. She was also unable to enjoy her daughter’s second birthday a month after the accident and, a couple of months later, her injuries prevented her from enjoying a pre-booked caravan holiday with her family.

Kirsty’s everyday life was also affected by her ankle injury. She could not cook or undertake household chores and was forced to hire a wheelchair for 6 weeks from the Red Cross to help her get around. Because she was unable to drive for 2 months, Kirsty relied on lifts from a colleague to get to and from work.

12 months after the accident, Kirsty’s ankle had still not completely healed and she could still feel the effects of her injury. She had difficulty fully bearing weight, sitting cross-legged and her ankle regularly became stiff in the cold.

Kirsty instructed Jefferies Solicitors in 2015 and litigation executive Jenny Fenton looked after her case:

“The hotel failed to inspect the dance floor to ensure it was safe. This negligence exposed guests to an unacceptable level of risk which caused our client to suffer an injury. If the hotel staff had monitored the condition of the dance floor, cordoned off the affected area and erected adequate signs warning guests of the danger posed by the spillage, Kirsty’s injury and consequent suffering could have been avoided.”

Kirsty’s case concluded early without the need for further medical evidence in October 2016 and she received £12,500 in an out-of-court settlement. The amount she received compensated for both the ankle injury itself and the financial loss she experienced as a result, including the cost of her wheelchair hire, travel expenses and physiotherapy.

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