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5 Things You Didn’t Know About Cycling Accidents

Cyclists can be particularly vulnerable to being involved in a serious road accident. Therefore, it is useful for all cyclists to be as well informed as possible about personal injury claims relating to cycling accidents and what to do in the event of such an accident. We’ve compiled a list of 5 facts about cycling accidents to help ensure that if you or a loved one are involved in such an event you can make the most informed decision possible about how to proceed. 

1. Roughly 80% of cycling accidents occur in daylight 

While most people might assume that most cycling accidents happen at night or in the evening, when visibility is lowered, and high visibility clothing is especially necessary this isn’t true. A report conducted in 2017 by The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA) found that roughly 80% of cycling accidents occur in daylight – this is the time when most cycling takes place which most naturally makes it the most dangerous time due to the increased number of traffic on the roads. In particular, the most dangerous hours for cyclists are 3pm-6pm and 8am-9am on weekdays. 

The only caveat to this statistic is that while cycling accidents, in general, are more likely to occur in daylight, fatal cycling accidents are more likely to occur at night in the dark. Therefore, no matter the time it is important that all cyclists wear protective clothing like high visibility jackets and helmets as well as having lights on their bikes for darkened areas. 

2.  Time Limits to Make a Claim 

Normally, there is a time limit of three years from the day of your accident to when you can no longer make a compensation claim but there are certain stipulations to this rule based upon who is making the claim. If you are claiming on behalf of someone who has been involved in a cycling accident but does not have the mental capacity to make a claim themselves then there is no time limit in which you can make your claim. 

Similarly, if a child was involved in an accident, compensation can be claimed for their accident any time before their 18th birthday. If a claim is not brought before their 18th birthday then they will have three years from that point to make a cyclist compensation claim. 

3. Most Common Cycling Accidents 

Cyclists are most commonly involved in collisions with a car or a taxi and the cyclist is usually hit by the front of the vehicle. However, a report by the RoSPA found that in London in particular, heavy goods vehicles were involved in around 20% of cyclist fatalities. Therefore, it is important to be wary of all vehicles on the road whether they are a lorry, car, or any other type of motorised vehicle. 

4. Compensation for Cyclist Accident Claims

There is no exact guide for how much you will be able to claim from a cycling accident as each case has to be assessed on an individual basis, with the extent and impact of your injuries being taken into account. However, there are certain rough estimates that can be made based upon an initial understanding of your injuries. For example, an incredibly serious head injury could be awarded between £215,000-£310,000 whether as a mild back injury could be awarded between £8,500-£30,700. As you can see the range for compensation is very large and the only true way to determine how much compensation you could be owed for your injuries is through a consultation with a personal injury solicitor.

This estimate will take into account your injuries but also how they have impacted upon your ability to function in life. This type of compensation is known as special damages and can cover anything from a financial loss of earnings due to being unable to return to work to rehabilitation for your injuries. 

5. Length of Time for a Cycling Accident Claim

Initially, a solicitor will offer a consultation. Jefferies Solicitors offer a free consultation to discuss your accident and to understand whether you have a valid claim. After that we operate on a no win, no fee* basis, meaning that if your case is unsuccessful you will not be charged solicitors fees. Once the cycling claims process has begun, most claims will usually take about three to six months to settle depending upon the complexity of the case. We understand how important rehabilitation procedures such as physiotherapy can be if you have been involved in an accident so we want to get you as much compensation as possible, as soon as possible to ensure that you can maintain a good quality of life no matter your injuries. 

To learn more and to discuss your potential claim in confidence, contact our team on 0800 342 3206. Alternatively, complete our online contact form to arrange an initial no-obligation telephone consultation with a member of our expert team. 

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*Please note – In limited circumstances, fees may be charged when your claim is not successful. These specific limited circumstances are set out in our No Win No Fee Agreement. In addition, if you fail to attend a medical appointment arranged for you, the doctor may charge a non-attendance fee.