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Calculate Your Compensation

Find out how much you could claim following an accident or injury with our personal injury compensation calculator.


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You should note, of course, that these figures are for guidance only and all injury and accident claims differ from case to case, with individual specifics. Contact us to discuss claiming compensation for your injuries in confidence by calling our national accident helpline above or by completing our quick claim form.

The calculation of compensation is not straightforward but you should get some idea of the financial brackets which cover the different types of injuries which may have been sustained below:

Our Personal Injury Compensation Calculator


£212,500 – £265,000


£144,000 – £186,500


Head injury

Very Severe Brain Damage£185,000 – £265,000
Moderate Severe Brain Damage/ Injury£28,250 – £185,000
Minor Brain Damage£10,000 – £28,250
Minor Head Injury£1,450 – £8,400

Loss Of Senses

Total Blindness and DeafnessIn the region of £265,000
Total BlindnessIn the region of £175,000
Loss of Sight in One Eye with Reduced Vision in the Remaining Eye£42,000 – £118,000
Total Loss of One Eye£36,000 to £43,000
Complete Loss of Sight in One Eye£8,250 to £36,000
Minor or Temporary Eye Injuries£1,450 to £5,750
Total Deafness and Loss of Speech£72,000 to £92,000
Total Deafness£59,500 to £72,000
Total Loss of Hearing in One Ear£20,500 to £30,000
Partial Hearing Loss/Tinnitus£4,850 to £30,000
Total Loss of Taste and SmellIn the region of £25,750
Total Loss of Smell and Significant Loss of Taste£21,600 to £25,750
Loss of Smell£16,400 to £21,600
Loss of Taste£12,600 to £16,400

Chest Injuries Compensation Calculator

Lung/ Heart Damage£8,250 – £98,500
Toxic fume/smoke inhalation£3,500 to £8,250
Injuries leading to collapsed lungs from which a full and uncomplicated recovery is made£1,450 to £3,500
Fractures of ribs/ soft tissue injuriesUp to £2,600
Asbestos-related Disease£4,350 to £83,750

Neck Injuries Compensation Calculator

Severe£16,400 – £97,500
Moderate£5,150 to £16,400
Minor£875 – £5,150

Back Injuries Compensation Calculator

Severe£25,500 to £111,000
Moderate£8,000 – £25,500
Minor£1000 – £8,250

Shoulder Injuries

Severe£12,600 to £31,500
Serious£8,400 to £12,600
Moderate£5,150 to £8,400
Minor£1,000 – £5,150
Fracture of Clavicle£3,000 to £8,000

Injuries to the Pelvis and Hips

Severe£25,750 – £86,000
Moderate to Limited Severity£8,250 to £25,750
Lesser Injuries£1000 – £8,250


Loss of Both Arms£158,000 to £197,000
Loss of One Arm/ Full/ Partial Amputation£63,000 – £158,000
Other Arm Injuries£4,350 – £86,000
Elbow£1000 to £36,00
Wrist Injuries£2,300 – £39,000

Hand Injuries

Total or Effective Loss of Both Hands£92,000 to £132,000
Serious Damage to Both Hands£36,000 to £55,500
Total or Effective Loss of One Hand£63,000 to £72,000
Other Hand Injuries/ Fractures/ Amputation of fingers or thumb etc£1,450 – £59,500
Vibration White Finger (VWF) and /or Hand-Arm Vibration Syndrome (HAVS)£2,000 – £25,250

Leg Injuries

Total Loss of Both Legs£158,000 to £185,000
Below-knee Amputation of Both Legs£132,000 to £177,500
Above-knee Amputation of One Leg£63,000 to £92,000
Below-knee Amputation of One Leg£60,000 to £86,000
Severe Leg Injuries£18,250 to £89,000
Less Serious Leg Injuries£1,000 – £18,250

Knee Injuries

Severe£17,500 to £63,000
Moderate/ Modest£1,000 – £17,500

Ankle Injuries

Very Severe£32,750 to £45,750
Severe£20,500 to £32,750
Moderate£8,700 to £17,500
Modest InjuriesUp to £9,000
Achilles Tendon£4,850 – £28,500

Foot Injuries

Amputation of Both Feet£111,000 to £132,500
Amputation of One Foot£55,000 to £72,000
Very Severe£55,000 to £72,000
Severe£30,000 to £44,200
Serious£16,400 to £25,750
Moderate£9,000 to £16,400
ModestUp to £9,000


Toe Injuries

Amputation of All Toes£24,000 to £37,000
Amputation of the Great ToeIn the region of £20,500
Other Toe Injuries£1,000 – £12,600


Skeletal Injuries

Fractures of Frontal Facial Bones£15,500 to £24,100
Multiple Fractures of Facial Bones£9,750 to £15,750
Fractures of Nose or Nasal Complex£1,125 – £15,200
Fractures of Cheekbones£1,150 – £10,350
Fractures of Jaws£4,250 – £30,000
Damage to Teeth£700 – £7,500
Facial Disfigurement£1,125 – £64,000
Damage to Hair£2,000 – £7,250
Dermatitis£1,125 – £12,600

These brackets for awards are a guide only. The total amount of any award will depend on a number of factors including but not limited to:

  1. Age
  2. Life expectancy;
  3. Sex;
  4. The severity of the injury;
  5. Whether a full recovery takes place or if symptoms are continuing or permanent;
  6. Whether there is permanent scarring;
  7. Whether there is a degree of psychological damage.

Our personal injury compensation calculator is meant for guidance only as there are many factors involved which are often unique to an individual claim. Contact our team of specialist personal injury solicitors to find out about make a claim for compensation following any accident or injury.

We deal with a wide range of claims types including the following: