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How Much Compensation For Fractured Jaw

Having a fractured jaw can be an extremely painful injury to endure and it can lead to a lot of practical inconvenience and discomfort even if the fracture is minor. Jaw fractures can happen to either the upper or lower jawbone.

If you have fractured your jaw in an accident that wasn’t your fault or in an assault, you may be able to make a compensation claim.

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Fractured Jaw Compensation Amount

The jaw is an important part of your body, and a fracture can occur in the upper or lower jawbone. Damage to either can present problems with chewing food and speaking. If your jaw ends up being fractured it can mean you have difficulty doing one or both of these things. See below details of how much compensation for a fractured jaw.

Level of injury

Potential compensation

Jaw fracture causing serious pain and discomfort. Serious multiple fractures where sustained and regular treatment has been necessary along with limitations on being able to eat, the risk of arthritis on the joints and paraesthesia. £24,300 – £36,310
A serious fracture with permanent side effects. You may have difficulty eating, opening the jaw or evidence of paraesthesia. £14,320 – £24,300
A simple jaw fracture requiring immobilisation but from which recovery is complete £5,150 – £6,960

Beginning A Fractured Jaw Injury Claim

It is understandable to want to know how much compensation for a fractured jaw if you have suffered an injury of this kind.

In order to be eligible for compensation, it will need to be demonstrable that the fault of the accident or injury was because of a third party and there are time limits which do apply to compensation cases.

Jefferies Solicitors is experienced in handling jaw injury claims and can offer to handle your case on a no win no fee basis. Please call our personal injury team and tell us more about your case, this will allow us to make a more detailed assessment of the amount of compensation you are likely to receive.

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